Wednesday, 6 March 2013

World-food Wednesday - Ideas for sushi

Short post as I am absolutely trashed from working in the garden for two days in a row. When I mean work, I of course mean raking, digging, carrying heavy stuff around and today crawling on the ground pulling up weeds. And although it is very gratifying work I am watching the now cloudy sky with some kind of hidden agenda that it might start raining and I can have a rest tomorrow.

Anyway food of the week is one of my personal favorite dishes of all time; Sushi. Now I know what you are thinking, I don't like raw fish and isn't it hard to make?

As to the making of the sushi there are a lot of rolling guides on youtube and various other places that can show you the basics. Everyone has a different way of rolling and it is a just a matter of jumping into it and finding out what works for you.

The raw fish can be avoided by using a number of other combinations. In our house we have our personal favorites (husband does still not eat raw fish) We stick to making the closed rolls as they are easy to manage, but have made in-side out ones and nigiris as well. We always use cucumber in ours.

Ideas for filling:
- smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese or wasabi mayo.
- marinated smoked salmon (marinate in soy, lime, sesame oil), avocado and cream cheese.
- Pickled beetroot
- Canned tuna stirred with a tiny bit of yogurt and optional caviar.
- Sauteed carrots
- Cheddar or feta

Only real advice I have for people; make sure you have a very very sharp knife to cut the buggers as they otherwise collapse. Have fun with it, it has sure brought lots of giggles into our household. 

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