Monday, 1 April 2013

A-Z challenge and music Monday!

So 1st of April! Wow how times fly when you are having fun! Today marks a lot of things for me this year; anniversary with husband (a recurring thing of course), start of campnanowrimo, start of A-Z challenge and start of a new job which will potentially lead to moving closer to friends and family and finally leaving university life behind. It is all a bit overwhelming, exciting and probably a lot to juggle at the same time, but might as well keep myself busy right?
For camp I writing 25k based on the story i linked a couple of weeks ago; Prey tell if you have not read it.

Today's challenge letter is A for Amanda Palmer. People who have followed me through various versions of this blog might have discovered that she is one of my favorite artists. In danger of sounding like a cliche her songs seem to reach me on a deeper level and can always brighten up my day. It is hard for me to chose which song is my favorite, so I picked the one that suits my mood right now:

On my mind

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  1. How does one follow this blog? Or am I just being stupid?